Annual Financial Audit


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  • Each Head Start agency shall observe standards of organization, management, and administration that will ensure, so far as reasonably possible, that all program activities are conducted in a manner consistent with the purposes of this sub-chapter and the objective of providing assistance effectively, efficiently, and free of any taint of partisan political bias or personal or family favoritism. Each such agency shall establish or adopt rules to carry out this section, which shall include rules to assure full staff accountability in matters governed by law, regulations, or agency policy. Each agency shall also provide for reasonable public access to information, including public hearings at the request of appropriate community groups and reasonable public access to books and records of the agency or other agencies engaged in program activities or operations involving the use of authority or funds for which it is responsible.
    Higher Horizons’ 2020 Public Report can be viewed here.
  • Each Head Start agency shall make available to the public a report published at least once in each fiscal year that discloses the following information from the most recently concluded fiscal year, except that reporting such information shall not reveal personally identifiable information about an individual child or parent:
    1. The total amount of public and private funds received and the amount from each source.
    2. An explanation of budgetary expenditures and proposed budget for the fiscal year.
    3. The total number of children and families served, the average monthly enrollment (as a percentage of funded enrollment), and the percentage of eligible children served.
    4. The results of the most recent review by the Secretary and the financial audit.    Download the 2021 Financial Audit Report.
    5. The percentage of enrolled children that received medical and dental exams.
    6. Information about parent involvement activities.
    7. The agency’s efforts to prepare children for kindergarten.

Higher Horizons Form 990 for 2022