Nutrition Services

Higher Horizons Head Start & Early Head Start Program participates in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. Head Start and Early Head Start children receive balanced meals and snacks that include a wide variety of wholesome foods based on the CACFP required meal components. Meals are prepared on site and are served family style; each child is encouraged to serve themselves.

Meals are provided on site at the Bailey’s Crossroads  and are catered at the Seven Corners location.

USDA Public Notice 2018-2019

Sample Seasonal two weeks Menus (Breakfast/Snack and Lunch)

Nutrition Assessment
Head Start and Early Head Start participants receive nutrition assessments by a Registered Dietitian. Diet, height, weight, lead and hemoglobin (a measure of blood iron) and relevant nutrition education are all parts of a nutrition assessment.
Parents are offered nutrition classes on healthy eating habits in partnership with the Virginia Cooperative Extension.
Classroom and home visit experiences include nutrition education activities.
This is an important way to teach young children about foods, encourage healthy eating behaviors, and help toddlers or preschoolers develop their own good eating habits.

Nutrition Education
Nutrition education activities take place in many forms for both the children and their families. As developmentally appropriate, opportunity is provided for involvement of children in food-related activities.

Gardening Project
Higher Horizons has a garden space for the children to learn about fresh fruits and vegetables. The gardening project engages children, parents & community partners to participate in hands on experience.

Staff Wellness
We believe that educated, well-informed employees are the primary ingredients of a healthy and productive workforce. Our program actively promotes and supports the wellness of employees.

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