In the interest of demonstrating the agency’s intent to prevent and detect fraud and to uphold its Code of Ethics, a fraud email address is available for internal and external customers. The purpose is to report knowledge of or suspicious of fraud, or other misconduct/unethical behavior that could be detrimental to Higher Horizons. This can also be used to report incidents of harassment, violence, and any violations of Agency policies and procedures, laws, and/or regulations governing this agency.

The Higher Horizons fraud email address is: informationdesk[@] It is available 24/7/365. Please be assured that all emails will be anonymous to protect the confidentiality and to dispel any fear of possible retaliation. Higher Horizons internal and external customers are thus encouraged to use the email address, up to and including to report on situations that may involve Higher Horizons staff, senior leaders, managers, or the employee’s supervisor.