Early Head Start

Infants, toddlers, and pregnant women receive specialized care in Early Head Start home-based options which provides services developed specifically for infants and toddlers from birth to age three and pregnant women. Early Head Start staff have specialized training that enables them to create an environment where infants and toddlers can flourish and develop important skills such as self-awareness, independence, and self-expression.

The Early Head Start program helps foster secure relationships between children and well-trained staff. Our policy of having one trained teacher for each group of four children helps create secure relationships between children and staff. This gives children the sense of trust and emotional security they need to explore their environment and develop new skills. Early Head Start extends services to children and parents in the home as well. Staff make home visits, especially to the homes of parents with newborns and older infants, to help strengthen parenting skills and to hear and respond to parental concerns.

Parents as Teachers and Partners for a Healthy Baby is a curriculum that stresses the importance of parent/primary caretaker involvement. The Home visitors work with parents to help them understand that the home is a natural and significant learning environment. They work together on individualizing objectives and strategies for each child and family based on their concerns, priorities and resources.

Home Based Program

The home based program have trained educators who work with pregnant women, infants and children through the age of five years in their home.

To help parents understand their children’s growth and development needs; to equip parents with the skills to effectively teach their children, and to foster positive parent/child interaction and relationships.

A family enrolled in the Home Based Program will receive:

  • Weekly visits by a trained Home Visitor for the child or pregnant mom.
  • Family support
  • Age appropriate child development activities.
  • Pre-natal/Postpartum education for pregnant moms.
  • Assistance with transitions to other programs, communities and schools.