Who We are

Welcome to the Higher Horizons website! As you scroll through our site, I hope you will get a sense of the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of our staff in delivering high quality early childhood services to children and families in the Falls Church/Bailey’s Crossroads community of Fairfax County, VA. You will have the opportunity of seeing the successful efforts of Higher Horizons Head Start and Early Head Start. It is through this work that we grow personally and professionally and add to our call of service.

 For the next five years, many of the directions we will take are aligned to the overall goal of school readiness, the Board’s development activities, and strategic planning. We will also continue to focus on the entire family, individualizing programs within our target community according to the unique needs of the families. Leadership development continues as a priority for me. “I place a high premium in trying to ensure that employees have the tools to do their jobs. Head Start programs offer many opportunities for professional growth and development; I encourage staff to use this opportunity as an investment in their future while contributing to the greater community.”

I invite you to learn about Higher Horizons and how this work contributes to our mission. Higher Horizons changes the lives of children and families. Throughout my career at Higher Horizons, I have stressed the importance of “staying rooted in our communities and responsive to the families we serve.”

The Higher Horizons staff, parents and community partners in the Falls Church/Bailey’s Crossroads community can take pride in knowing that we are helping to build America’s future, and we look forward to program expansion opportunities.

Mary Ann Cornish,
Executive Director