Policy Council



 Omar Mohamed, Chairperson
Daniel Gebissa, Co-Chairperson
Fayrouze Chanane, Secretary
VACANT, Assistant Secretary
Abdisalem Aden, Parliamentarian
Carol Robinson Huntley, Community Rep.
VACANT, Community Rep.
Scott Engdahl, Board of Directors Liaison


Mai Nour, Member
Maria Camacho, Member
Romana Akbar, Member


Parent involvement is an essential part of Head Start. Parents who are interested in assuming a more active role in shaping their child’s education are encouraged to become members of the Higher Horizons Policy Council. The general function of the Higher Horizons Policy Council is to work in partnership with key management staff and governing bodies to develop, review, and approve or disapprove certain policies and procedures. The purpose of the Higher Horizons Head Start & Early Head Start Policy Council is to implement the Head Start Performance Standards. The Policy Council fulfills its purpose by performing several different functions. A few of those functions are outlined below.

The Higher Horizons Policy Council performs the following functions:

  • Serves as a link between the Higher Horizons Board of Directors and the Head Start Policy Council.
  • Approves or disapproves employment decisions made regarding Higher Horizon’s Head Start and Early Head Start Staff.
  • Participates directly in the employment process for Higher Horizon’s Head Start and Early Head Start by participating as a member of the team that interviews candidates for Head Start positions.
  • Assists with recruiting volunteer services from parents, community residents, and community organizations and in mobilizing community resources to meet identified needs related to the program.
  • Works to ensure that parents participate in the program, understand their role and responsibilities and opportunities regarding the Head Start and Early Head Start program.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures to resolve complaints about the Higher Horizon’s program.